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Steel cut oats lemon masala

Serving:2 |Type: Veg-Rice Ingredients: Steel cut oats -1cup Turmeric -¼tsp Curry powder -1tbsp Salt -to taste Coriander leaves -1tbsp Lemon Juice -2 to 3tbsp   Seasoning: Oil -2tbsp Mustard -1tsp Urad Dhal -2tsp Channa Dhal -2tsp Green Chili -3 Red Chili -1 Asafotida -¼tsp Curry Leaves -few Cashew nuts -10   Method: Take a pan […]

Pudina Kozhai(mint Chicken)

Serving: 4 |Type: Non-Veg Ingredients: Chicken -400grams Onion(chopped) -1cup Tomato(chopped) -½ cup Pudina(chopped) -¼  cup Coriander Leaves -2tbsp Green Chili -2 Chili Powder -1tsp Chicken Masala Powder -2tbsp Turmeric -¼tsp Ginger Garlic Paste -1tsp Salt -to taste Curd(beaten) -2 to 3tbsp   Seasoning: Oil -3tbsp Sombu -½tsp Cumin -½tsp Red Chili -1 Curry Leaves -few […]

Javvarisi Payasam(Sagoo Pudding)

Serving: 2 |Type: Sweets Ingredients: Sagoo -½ cup Sugar ½ or ¾  cup Boiled Milk -2 cups Cardamom Powder -Pinch Ghee -1tsp Cashew nuts -10 Raisins -10   Method: Take a pan heat with ghee and fry cashew nuts and raisins and take out and keep it aside. Same pan with ghee add sago fry […]

Steel cuts oats and jawar Kuzhakkatai

  Serving: 3 | Type: Snack Ingredients: Steel cut oats -½ cup Jawar Flour -¼ cup Rice Flour -¼ cup Pasi Paruppu -½ cup Grated Coconut -2tbsp Ghee -2tbsp Cumin -1tsp Salt -to taste   Seasoning: Coconut Oil -2tbsp Mustard -1tsp Urad Dhal -2tsp Asafotida -¼tsp Dosai Milagai podi -2tbsp Curry Leaves,Greenchili -few Onion(diced) -1cup […]

Liver Sombu keerai poriyal (Goat Liver with Dill Leaves)

  Serving:3 | Type: Non-veg, Side-Dish Ingredients: Liver -200grms Sombu Keerai(Dill Leaves) -1cup(Cut) Ginger Garlic paste -1tbsp Chili powder -1tsp Onion(Diced) -1cup Turmeric -¼tsp Garam masala -1tsp Coconut, Khus khus Paste -3tbsp Mint Leaves -for garnish   Method: Cut the liver into small pieces wash and keep it aside. Take a pan heat with 2tbsp […]

Oats And 10 bean Mix Vada

  Serving: 35pieces| Type: Snack Ingredients:   Oats -½ cup 10 bean mix -1cup Onion(diced) -1cup Green chili -3 or 4 Sombu -½tsp Cumin -½tsp Asafotida -¼tsp Coriander Leaves -few Curry leaves -few Salt -to taste Oil -For frying   Method: Soak the 10 bean mix for 4 to 5 hours and drain the water. […]