Bhel Puri (Puffed Rice Salad)

Serving:2 |Type: Chaat


Pori Or Bhel -1 ½ cup
Boiled or roasted Peanuts -2tbsp
Grated Carrot -2tbsp
Grated Raw mango -2tbsp
Boiled Whole Green Gram Dhal -2tbsp
Cucumber(diced) -2tbsp
Onion(diced) -2tbsp
Tomato(diced) -2tbsp
Bell pepper(diced) -1tbsp
Green Chuttney -3tbsp
Sweet Chuttney -3tbsp
Green chili(chopped) -1
Chat Masala -1tsp
Lemon Juice -1tsp
Salt -to taste



Thin Sev(oomappodi) -3tbsp
Potato Chips(broken) -3tbsp
Coriander Leaves -2tbsp

Green Chuttney:


Coriander Leaves(chopped) -½ cup
Mint Leaves -¼ cup
Green Chili -2 or 3
Salt -to taste
Lemon Juice -2tbsp
Water -less than ¼ cup

Sweet Chuttney:

Dates -10
Tamarind -marble size
Jaggery -1tbsp
Chili Powder -½tsp
Cumin Powder(roasted) -¼tsp
Salt -pinch
Water -For grinding



  1. Prepare green chutney: Grind everything in the mixie and keep it aside.
  2. Prepare Sweet Chuttney: Soak dates and tamarind with water for 1 hour. Then grind all the ingredients given for sweet chutney, then cook it for 5 minutes until it gets thick.
  3. Prepare Bhel puri: Mix all the ingredients given above, then add all the ingredients given under the  garnish list.
  4. Serve it immediately.



  1. Instead of dates you can use cranberry and raisins, if you use cranberry you can reduce the tamarind.
  2. If you can’t find pori you can use rice crisp or regular corn flakes.
  3. Bhel is also called murmura.
  4. You can add boiled potato.
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