(For Feeding Mom)Healthy Kanji Mavu(Healthy Protein mix)


Whole Urad -1 cup
Whole Pasippayaru -½cup
Boiled Rice(optional) -¼cup
Ragi (optional) -¼cup
Cardamom(optional) -1tsp



  1. Dry roast everything separately on medium flame until good aroma comes, Do not over fry.
  2. Then grind it smooth powder in the mixer grinder.
  3. Take 2tbsp powder mix with ½ cup of water cook it in the stove until it’s get thicken.
  4.  Mix with milk and sugar.
  5. Serve it  hot or cold.


  1. It is very good for your waist(For all ladies and teenagers).
  2. Pasippayaru is called Whole green gram Dhal.
  3. Whole urad is called Whole black gram dhal.
  4. If you can not find the Whole Ragi, you can use Ragi flour, just dry roast the flour and mix it.
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