Spring Roll


Serving: 4 people | Type: Snack

Spring roll cookedjpg


For Filling:

Spring roll masala

Cabbage (shredded) -1cup
Carrot(Julian) -½ cup
Beans Sprouts -½ cup
Mushroom(Julian) -¼ cup
Red Onion(Julian) -¼ cup
Garlic(minced) -3
Black Pepper Powder -1tbsp
Sesame Oil -1tbsp
Salt -to taste



Spring Roll Wrap -15
Oil -for deep fry

Spring roll raw


  1. Take a pan heat with oil add minced garlic sauté for a second.
  2. Now add onion sauté for a few seconds, then add each vegetable one by one.
  3. Sauté for two minutes on high flame.
  4. The vegetables should be crunchy, do not let it soften.
  5. Add salt and pepper, mix well and then turn off the stove.
  6. Place the spring roll wrap flat on a table as indicated in the diagram below, and place the filling in the middle of the wrap.
  7.  Roll the wrap into a log-like shape as shown below in the diagram.
  8. To close the spring roll, apply with little water around the edges and close it tight, so that it does not open up while frying.
  9. Take a pan heat with oil and fry the spring roll like crisp and golden brown.
  10. Serve with any tomato sauce of your liking.

How to roll a spring roll wrap:

spring roll picture


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