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Andhra-Style Stuffed Eggplant Gravy (Kutti Vankaya Kura)

Serving: 4 to 6 people | Type:  Gravy/Kuzhambu

Kumbakonam Kadappa (Gravy)

Serving: 4 |Type: Tiffin Side Dish

Thai curry with peanut butter

  Serving: 4 | Type: Veg Gravy Ingredients: Mixed Vegetables(cut) -2cups Red Onion -1 small Tomato -1 small Garlic Minced -4 Ginger Minced -1inch Red chili Paste -2tsp Coconut milk -1cup Peanut butter -2tbsp Salt -to taste Oil -1tbsp   Method: Mixed vegetables like: carrot, broccoli, cauli flower, peas, bamboo shoot, water chestnut, baby corn […]

Bell Pepper in Peanut Gravy

Serving:4 to 6 | Type: Veg Gravy Ingredients: Bell pepper (diced) -2 Onion(chopped) -1/2 cup Garlic(chopped) -4 cloves Oil -3tbsp Tamarind extract -1tbsp Salt -to taste Grinding: Peanut -3tbsp Sesame seeds -2tbsp Fenugreek -¼tsp Cumin -½tsp Coconut -2tbsp Onion -½cup Chili Powder -1 ½tsp Dhaniya Powder -1tsp   Method: Dry roast peanuts, sesame seeds and […]

Panchmel Dhal (Panch Rathan Dhal) Five Jewel Dhal

  Serving: 4 | Type: Veg Gravy

Channa (Chole)

  Serving: 4| Type: Veg Gravy/ Kurma