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Banana Nut Cake

Serving: 20 to 25 Pieces| Type: Desert Ingredients:   All-purpose Flour(Maida0 -1 ½ cup Sugar -1cup Cooking oil Or Melted Butter -½ cup Banana -3 Large Egg -2 Baking Soda -1tsp Vanilla Essence -1tbsp Walnut(Chopped) -½ cup(optional) Salt -2pinch Method:   Preheat the oven to 350˚F (175˚C) Take 8” round pan, grease it with butter […]

Kelvaragu Doasai (Ragi Crepe with Drumstick Leaves)

Serving: 15 pieces |Type: Tiffin Ingredients:   Ragi Flour -1 cup Rice Flour -½ cup Drumstick Leaves -¼ cup Grated Carrot -1 Salt -to taste Oil -1tbsp Onion(chopped) -½ cup Green chili(chopped) -2 Cumin -1tsp Curry leaves(chopped) -few Coriander Leaves(chopped) -few Method:   Mix ragi, and rice flour with water, cumin and salt. Take a […]

Bisibela Bath(Lenthil Gravy Mixed Rice )

Serving :5 | Type: Veg-Rice Ingredients: Raw Rice -1cup Thoor Dhal -½ cup Turmeric -Pinch Water 5cups   For Sambar: Mixed Vegetable -3cups Sambar Powder -1tbsp Tamarind -Small lemon size Turmeric -¼tsp Onion(optional) -1 Tomato(Medium size) -2 Oil -3tbsp Mustard,uard dhal,cumin -1tsp Red chili -2 Green Chili -2 Asafotida,fenugreek -1tsp Salt -to taste Curry leaves […]

Tadka Dhal(Lentil Seasoning)

Serving:4|Type: Veg-Gravy Ingredients: Masoor Dhal -1cup Mung Dhal -½ cup Turmeric -½tsp Onion(cut) -½tsp Tomato(diced) -2 Ginger -1inch Garlic -2 Red Chili -2 Kalonji(onion seeds) -1tsp Ghee -2tsp Mustard -1tsp Salt -to taste Sugar -1tsp Butter -2tsp Coriander Leaves -few   Method: Boil the dhal with water and keep it aside. Pound Ginger garlic and […]

Ribbon Pakgoda

Serving: 6 to 10 person| Type: Snack Ingredients: Besan flour                            1 cup Rice flour                               1 cup Pottukadalai  mavu            1cup Chilli powder                         1 teaspoon Asafotida powder                 1 teaspoon Salt                                         to taste Butter or oil                            2 teaspoon Oil                                           for frying Method:   Sieve both besan and rice flour and pottukadalai mavu. […]

Methi Leaves Biriyani

Serving: 4 Type: Veg-Rice Ingredients: Basmati Rice -1 ½ cups Methi Leaves -4cups Onion(chopped) -1 Green Chili(slit) -3 Tomato(chopped) -1 Ginger garlic Paste -2tbsp Chili Powder -1tsp Turmeric -¼tsp Milk and Water mixed -3 to 4 cups Salt -to taste   Seasoning: Ghee and Oil -3tbsp Clove -2 Cinnamon -1stick Bay leaves -1 Kalpasi -1 […]