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Kothamalli pulav (Coriander leaves Pulav)

Serving:2 |Type: Rice Ingredients: Basmati Rice -1 ½  cup Onion -1/2 cup  (chopped) Water -3 to 3 ½ cups Salt -to taste Ginger &Garlic Paste -1tsp   Seasoning: Oil & Ghee -3tbsp Cloves -2 Cinnamon -1 inch Bay leaves -1   For Grinding: Coriander Leaves -1 cup Green Chili -4 Mint Leaves -20 Water -less […]

Mutton Sukka(Goat Meat Dry Curry)

Serving: 3 |Type: Non Veg-Side Dish Ingredients: Mutton Pieces -400grms Onion(Chopped) -1 Garlic(cut) -10 Chili Powder -1tbsp Ginger garlic paste -1tsp Turmeric -½tsp Salt -to taste   Seasoning: Oil -2tbsp Sombu -1tsp Red chili -4 Onion(chopped) -1 Garlic(cut) -10 Green chili(slit) -1 Method: Take a pressure cooker add little oil  sauté with onion and garlic […]

Nandu Kuzhambu With Masala (Crab Curry)

Serving: 4 | Type: Non-Veg Gravy Ingredients: Nandu(cut) -4 pieces Onion -1cup Tomato -1cup Chili Powder -2tsp Coriander Powder -3tsp Turmeric -¼tsp Salt -to taste Ginger Garlic Paste -1tbsp Lemon Juice -1tbsp   Grinding: Green chili -2 Sombu -1tsp Cumin -1tsp Pepper -1 or 2tsp Onion -¼ cup Tomato -¼ cup Garlic -2 Clove -2 […]

Sepankizhangu Roast(Small Taro or Colocasia Fries)

Serving: 3 | Type: Veg – Side dish Ingredients:   Sepankizhangu(Boiled) -8(medium size) Chili Powder -1tsp Turmeric -¼tsp Salt -to taste Oil -For frying   Method: Mix chili powder, salt and turmeric and keep it aside. Cut the kizhangu length wise(each kizhangu should be into 6 pieces) and spread the masala powder and mix it […]

Kodumai Halwa(Wheat Halwa)

Serving: 30 to 35 pieces| Type: Sweet     Ingredients:   Samba Wheat                      2 cups Sugar                                       3 cups Ghee                                        1 ½ cups Cardamom Power                1 teaspoon Pachai Karpooram               a pinch Orange / red colour               few pinch Lemon Juice                         ½tsp Cashew Nuts chopped         30 pieces   Method:   Soak the […]

Mullu Murukku -Type 1

Serving: 40 to 50 pieces | Type: Snack