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Fried Arisi Roti(Rice Flour)

Serving: 4 | Type: Snack/Roti Ingredients: Rice Flour -1 ½ cups Onion(chopped) -3tbsp Green Chili(chopped) -1 Grated Coconut -3tbsp Cumin -1tsp Curry leaves(chopped) -1tbsp Coriander leaves(chopped) -2tbsp Salt -to taste Oil -for deep frying Method: Mix everything with warm water. Make like a dough and keep it aside. Make small lemon size balls. Take a […]

Thatappayaru(Karamani) Kuzhambu(Black eye peas Gravy)

Serving:4 |Type: Chettinad-Kuzhambu Ingredients: Thatappayaru -1cup Onion(Diced) -½ cup Tomato(Diced) -½ cup Chili Powder -1 ½tsp Coriander powder -3tsp Turmeric -¼tsp Tamarind -small marble size Salt -to taste Coriander leaves -few   Seasoning: Oil -2tbsp Mustard -½tsp Urad Dhal -½tsp Cumin -¼tsp Fenugreek -¼tsp Curry leaves -few Red Chili -1   Method: Dry roast thatappayaru […]

Vendhaya Kuzhambu(Fenugreek seed Tangy Gravy)

Serving:4 |Type: Veg-Kuzhambu Ingredients: Sesame oil -4tbsp Mustard -½tsp Urad Dhal -1tsp Thoor Dhal -2tsp Fenugreek Seeds -1tbsp Asafotida -½tsp Red Chili -5(broken) Green Chili -4(slit) Chili, Dhaniya Powder -1tsp Turmeric -¼tsp Tamarind -marble size Salt -to taste   Method: Soak the tamarind with ½ cup of water and squeeze out the pulp and keep […]

Thuvaram Paruppu Chutney(Fried Lentil- Powder Gravy)

Serving: 4 | Type: Breakfast-Side Dish Ingredients: Roast and Grind: Thoor dhal -1cup Red Chili -6 to 8 Sombu -½tsp Fenugreek Seeds -¼tsp Seasoning: Oil -2tbsp Mustard -½tsp Urad dhal -½tsp Red chili -1 Curry leaves -few Garlic(optional) -1(crushed) Onion(diced) -½ cup Tomato(diced) -1 Salt -to taste Method: Dry roast the given ingredients on medium […]

Thenkuzhal( Fried- Rice Lentil noodles)

Serving: 4 |Type: Snack Ingredients: Rice Flour -1 cup Fried Urad Flour -¼ cup Cumin -½tsp(optional) Asafotida -Pinch(opt) Salt -to taste Oil -For Frying Method: Mix rice flour, urad flour and salt with water. Make like chappati dough and apply 2tbsp of hot oil or butter and keep it aside( for apply oil, to avoid […]

Pineapple Rasam(Pineapple Tangy Soup)

Serving: 4 | Type: Veg-Soup / Rasam Ingredients: Tamarind -Marble size Pineapple -½ cup(diced) Thoor dhal(cooked) -¼ cup(mashed) Tomato -1(cut) Rasa powder -1 ½tsp Turmeric Powder -¼tsp Asafotida -¼tsp Green Chili -2(slit) Salt -to taste Coriander Leaves -few Seasoning: Ghee -1tsp Mustard -½tsp Pepper cumin Powder -1tsp Curry Leaves -few Red Chili -1   Method: […]