Hello Everyone, welcome to my page!

I currently live in the US. I am originally from South India (Chettinadu). I am married and my husband, just like any other Indian, is a software engineer. I have two kids, who are all grown-up and have their own children. I started this page to occupy my boredom after both of my kids got married.

I love to cook, hence I started a cooking site. I love to cook and  eat different kinds of food. My philosophy in cooking is that nothing is too hard to make, as long as there are people there to enjoy it. I also love to entertain a lot. That is where I get to cook interest food and I get a chance to watch people enjoying the food. That gives me the greatest pleasure.

So please do try the recipes that I write-up and please give me feedback, so that I know that you are enjoying it as much as I did when I made it.