Manatthakkali Vathal

Type: Others/ Vathal/ Vadam

Manatthali Vathal


Manatthakkali Kai -3 cups
Butter milk -1 cup
Salt -1 ½tsp

Manatthakkali Kai (1)


Manatthalikai in the buttermilk


  1. Add everything and mix it well.
  2. Marinate for overnight.
  3. Then dry it in the sun.
  4. Evening again put it the butter milk.
  5. Keep on doing the process until butter done.(morning and evening)
  6. Dry it well and store it in the air tight container.
  7. Use it for while making Vatha Kuzhambu.
  8. You can fry it in the oil and eat it like Papad.



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