Samba Sadham /Milagu Jeera Sadham (Black Pepper and Cumin Rice)

Serving: 4| Type: Variety Rice

Samba sadam cook


Sona masoori Rice -1 ½ cup
Ghee -2tbsp
Black Pepper -2tbsp
Cumin -1 tbsp
Curry Leaves -few
Cashew nut broken -10
Salt -to taste
Water -2 ½  to 3 cups

Samba Sadam in stove


  1. Cook the rice with 1tsp oil and 1tsp salt in the cooker.
  2. Then take out the rice and let it cool.
  3. Make sure all grains should be separated.
  4. Take a mixe add pepper and cumin powder it like coarsely.
  5. Take a pan heat with ghee add broken cashew, curry leaves and ground powder.
  6. Sauté for second then add rice in it.
  7. Mix well then serve with and side dish.


  1. If you want you can use any type of rice.



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