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Ras Malai (Sweet Cheese Balls in Milk)

Serving: 20 pieces |Type: Sweets Ingredients: Paneer: Milk -½ gallon(2% milk) Curd -½ cup Sugar rock candy -20 or 25 (small) Saffron(optional) -few Methods: 1.  Boil the milk for 20 -25 minutes. 2. Then add the curd boil it for few seconds then milk will get curdle and then turn off the stove. 3. Take […]

Chili Dhaniya Powder (Red Chili And coriander Seed Powder)

Ingredients: Red Chili -1 cup Coriander Seeds -2 cups    Method: Dry roast both grind it in the blender. Keep it in the air tight container. You can use it this powder for pulikkazhambu, any vegetable fry and thirakkal. Note: You can do it like bulk ,red chili -1 kg and dhaniya seeds -2 kg […]

Kuzhi Paniyaram(Rice Lentil Donut)

Serving:4 |Type: Snack /Breakfast Ingredients for Dough: Idly Rice -2 cups Raw Rice -1 cup Urad Dhal -½ cup Fenugreek Seeds -1tbsp Salt -1tsp   Method: Soak all the ingredients except salt for 5 to 6 hours. Wash nicely then grind like smooth paste. Mix with salt then keep it 8 to 10 hours for […]

Pappalikkai Thovandal(Greated papaya fry)

  Serving:2 |Type: veg Side dish Ingredients: Pappalikkai greated -1 cup Thoor dhal -¼ cup Onion -¼ cup Green Chili -2 (slit) Salt -to taste   Seasoning: Oil -1tsp Mustard -½tsp Urad dhal -½tsp Red chili -1 Curry leaves -few Asafotida -pinch   Method: Pressure cook the dhal for half way done, not overcook and […]

Kathirikkai Murungaikai Sambar (Eggplant Drumstick Lentil Gravy)

Serving:4 |Type: Veg Gravy Ingredients: Small Kathirikkai(cut big) -4 Murungaikai(drumstick) -1 Onion(diced) -¼ cup Tomato(diced) -1 Green Chili(slit) -1 Thoor Dhal -½ cup Sambar Powder -2tbsp Tamarind -marble size Turmeric -pinch Salt -to taste Water 2 to 3cups Coriander Leaves -1tbsp Seasoning: Oil -1tbsp Mustard -½tsp Urad Dhal -½tsp Cumin -¼tsp Fenugreek -¼tsp Asafotida -¼tsp […]

Mangai Veppamboo Inippu Pachadi (Raw mango Neem Flower Sweet Pachadi)

  Serving:2 |Type: Veg- Side Dish Ingredients: Raw mango -1cup Veppamboo -1tbsp Brown Sugar -½ or ¾ cup Salt -2pinch Water -for boiling Cardamom Powder -¼tsp(optional) Seasoning: Oil -1tsp Mustard -¼tsp Cumin -¼tsp Red Chili -2 Method: Peel the skin cut very thin slices and keep it aside. Take a vessel heat with oil add […]