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Vendakkai Mandi(Okra or Ladies Finger Tangy Tamarind Gravy)

Serving: 2 |Type: Chettinadu Side Dish Ingredients: Vendakkai -1 cup(cut) Onion -½ cup(chopped) Tomato -¼ cup(chopped) Green Chili -4 (chopped) Tamarind -small lemon size Salt -to taste Water -2 or 3 cups Rice Flour -1tsp Seasoning: Oil -2tbsp Mustard -½tsp Urad Dhal -½tsp Fenugreek Seeds -½tsp Red Chili -4 (broken ) Curry Leaves -few Asafotida […]

Pasipparuppu Payasam (Green Gram Kheer)

Serving:2 |Type: Sweet Ingredients: Pasipparuppu -¼ cup Jaggery or Brown Sugar -¼ cup Cardamom -pinch(optional) Milk or coconut milk -¼ cup Water -2 cups for boiling Seasoning: Ghee -1tbsp Cashew nuts -10(broken) Raisins -10 Grated Coconut -1tbsp (optional) Method: Dry roast the dhal on medium flame without burning, add water boil until soft (it will take […]

Arisi Uppma Kozhalakattai (Steamed Rice Balls)

Serving: 15 to 20 pieces |Type: Snack Ingredients: Idly Rice or Boiled rice -1cup Thoor Dhal -1tbsp(optional) Coconut Grated -2tbsp Salt -to taste Water for grinding -½ cup Seasoning: Oil -2or3tbsp Mustard -1tsp Urad Dhal -½tsp Channa Dhal -1tsp Red Chili or Green chili -3 Curry Leaves -few Asafotida -¼tsp Onion chopped ¼  cup(optional) Method: […]

Muttai Kuzhambu (Egg Gravy)

Serving: 2 |Type: Non Veg Gravy Ingredients: Egg -3 or 4 Onion -1(chopped) Tomato -1 or 2(chopped) Garlic -3 pods(chopped) Green Chili -3 slit Chili Powder -1tsp Coriander Powder -2tsp Turmeric Powder -¼tsp Tamarind -Small Marble Size Salt -to taste Water -2 or 3 cups   Seasoning: Sesame Oil -2tbsp Cumin -½tsp Aniseed -½tsp Fenugreek […]

Quinoa (Keen-Wah), Oats, Brown Rice Dosai (Crêpe)

crêpe Serving: 12 to15 pieces |type: Breakfast Ingredients: Quinoa -½ cup Steel cut Oats -½ cup Brown Rice -¼ cup Urad Dhal -1tbsp(optional) Salt -to taste Water -to grind Seasoning: Oil -1tsp Mustard -½tsp Asafotida -pinch Onion Chopped -½ cup (Optional) Green Chili Chopped -2 Curry Leaves Chopped -1tsp Ginger Chopped -½tsp (Optional) Coriander Leaves […]

Idly (Steamed Rice Cake)

 Serving:50 pieces |Type: Breakfast Ingredients:     Boiled Rice -4 cups Urad Dhal -1 cup Salt -2tbsp Method: Soak the rice and dhal separately for4-5 hours. In the wet grinder grind the dhal first for 15-20 minutes. Add little by little water. Then take out the dhal batter and keep it aside. Now add the […]