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Nethili Meen Kuzhambu(Anchovies Tangy Gravy)

Serving: 4 |Type: Non-Veg Gravy Ingredients: White Anchovies -400grams Shallots -1cup Onion(Chopped) -¼ cup Tomato(Chopped) -2 Green chili(slit) -2 Garlic(chopped) -10 Chili Dhaniya Powder -3tbsp Turmeric -½tsp Salt -to taste Tamarind -Lemon Size Seasoning: Sesame oil -4tbsp Fenugreek -½tsp Curry Leaves -few Red Chili -2 Method: Wash the fish, then marinate with little salt, turmeric […]

Dosakkai Paruppu(Lemon Cucumber With Lentil Gravy)

Serving: 4 |Type: Veg-Gravy   Ingredients: Thoor Dhal -½ cup(cooked) Dosakkai -1(diced) Onion -¼ cup(diced) Tomato -1(diced) Green Chili -5 Chili Powder -1tsp Tamarind Paste -1tsp(optional) Turmeric -¼tsp Salt -to taste Coriander leaves -few Seasoning: Oil -2tsp Mustard -1tsp Cumin -½tsp Asafetida -pinch Red Chili -1 Curry Leaves -few Garlic(crushed) -1(optional) Method: Cook the thoor […]

Malai Koftha

Serving: 4 |Type: Veg Gravy Ingredients: For Koftha: Potato(boiled) -2big Beans(boiled) -15 Carrot(boiled) -1 Onion -¼ cup Garam masala -1tsp Corn flour -3tbsp Salt -to taste Coriander Leaves -Few Oil -For frying   For Gravy: Onion -1 cup Tomato -3 Green chili -3 Turmeric -¼tsp Ginger Garlic paste -1tbsp Chili Powder -1tsp Cashew Nuts -15 […]

Pudina Vengayam ThakkaliThovayal (mint onion tomato Thick chutney)

Serving:3 |Type: Side Dish Ingredients: Mint -1 cup Coconut(grated) -2tbsp(optional) Onion (chopped) -½ cup Tomato (chopped) -¼ cup Water -to grind Tamarind -small marble size Salt -to taste Seasoning: Oil -1tbsp Mustard -½tsp Uard Dhal -½tsp Red Chili -4 or5 Asafotida -¼tsp Curry Leaves -few (optional) Method: In the pan heat with oil add seasonings […]

Straw Blue smoothie

Serving:2 |Type: Drinks Ingredients: Strawberry -6 Blueberry -15 Sugar -2tbsp Fat free Milk -2cups Method: Take a mixer grinder add strawberry, blueberry and sugar grind smoothly with little milk. Then add remaining milk mix well then keep it in the fridge. Serve it cold.

Aviyal(Mixed vegetable With yogurt)

Serving:4 |Type: Veg-Side Dish Ingredients: Egg Plant -2(small) Beans -10 Carrot -1 Potato -1(small) Drumstick -1 Peas -¼cup Raw Banana -1(small) White pumpkin -½ cup Yogurt -1cup Salt -to taste Coconut Oil -2tbsp Curry Leaves -few Grinding: Grated coconut -½ cup Green Chili -4 to6 Cumin -1tsp Rice flour -1tbsp Method: Cut all the vegetables […]