Apple Carrot Soup


Serving: 4 |Type: Soup




Apple -1
Carrot -2
Red Onion(chopped) -1
Tomato(chopped) -3
Potato -1
Green Chili -2
Clove, -3
Garlic -6
Ginger -1 inch
Coriander Leaves -few
Salt -to taste



  1. Peel the potato, carrot and apple and cut big chunks.
  2. Add everything in the presser cooker with 2 cups of water.
  3. Boil it until 3 whistle comes then turn off the stove.
  4. Let it cool the cooker.
  5. Then blend it in the blender like creamy.
  6. If soup is very thick add some more water.
  7. Now add 1tbsp butter and 1tsp black pepper powder.
  8. Mix it and boil it until hot.
  9. Add salt.
  10. Serve it with cream.


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