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Veg-Chicken Biryani

Serving:2 |Type:  Veg–Rice Ingredients: Basmathi Rice -1 cup Veg Chicken(cut) -2cups Onion -½ cup Tomato -1 Green Chili -3 To 5 Ginger garlic Paste -1tbsp Mint Leaves -hand full Coriander Leaves -hand full Turmeric -¼tsp Chili Powder -1tsp Garam Masala -1tsp Salt -to taste Water -3to4 cups Lemon Juice -2 to 3tsp   Seasoning: Oil […]

Gongura Rice(Red Sorrel Leaves Rice)

Serving: 4| Type: Veg- Rice Ingredients: Gongura Leaves -70 to 80 Cooked Rice -6 cups Oil -1tbsp Urad Dhal -2tbsp Chana Dhal -2tbsp Red Chili -10 to 15 Asafetida -¼tsp Tamarind -Little Seasoning: Oil -5tbsp Mustard -1tsp Urad Dhal -1tsp   Method: Clean and wash the leaves and keep it aside. Take a pan heat […]

Mixed Bell Pepper Fried Rice

Serving: 4 | Type: Veg- Rice Ingredients: Mixed Bell Pepper -3cups(Diced) Basmati Rice -1 ½ cup Onion -1cup(chopped) Green Chili -3(slit) Crushed Garlic -1 Ginger garlic Paste -1tbsp Pav Baji Masala -1tbsp Chili Powder -1tsp Salt -to taste Oil and Ghee -3tbsp Coriander Leaves -few Method:   Cook the rice with 3 to 3 ¼ […]

Bisibela Bath(Lenthil Gravy Mixed Rice )

Serving :5 | Type: Veg-Rice Ingredients: Raw Rice -1cup Thoor Dhal -½ cup Turmeric -Pinch Water 5cups   For Sambar: Mixed Vegetable -3cups Sambar Powder -1tbsp Tamarind -Small lemon size Turmeric -¼tsp Onion(optional) -1 Tomato(Medium size) -2 Oil -3tbsp Mustard,uard dhal,cumin -1tsp Red chili -2 Green Chili -2 Asafotida,fenugreek -1tsp Salt -to taste Curry leaves […]

Methi Leaves Biriyani

Serving: 4 Type: Veg-Rice Ingredients: Basmati Rice -1 ½ cups Methi Leaves -4cups Onion(chopped) -1 Green Chili(slit) -3 Tomato(chopped) -1 Ginger garlic Paste -2tbsp Chili Powder -1tsp Turmeric -¼tsp Milk and Water mixed -3 to 4 cups Salt -to taste   Seasoning: Ghee and Oil -3tbsp Clove -2 Cinnamon -1stick Bay leaves -1 Kalpasi -1 […]

Kollu Sadam (Horse Gram Rice)

Serving: 4 | Type: Veg-Rice Ingredients: Kollu -1cup Thoor Dhal -¼ cup Urad Dhal -¼ cup Red Chili -15 to 20 Cumin -1tbsp Curry leaves -30 to40 Salt -to taste Cooked Rice -4cups   Method:   Take a pan heat without oil dry roast all the ingredients without burning. Let it cool down and grind […]