Kummayam Or Aadikkool(Green Gram Dhal Sweet)


Serving: 4 Type: chettinad Sweet


Pasi Paruppu -½ cup
Raw Rice -2tbsp
Brown Sugar ½ cup
Ghee -3tbsp
Cardamom Powder -¼tsp
Water -1 ½  to 2 cups



  1. Dry roast Pasi paruppu and rice.
  2. Grind it in the mixer grinder like smooth powder.
  3. Then take that powder and brown sugar mix it in the water  with hand.
  4. Make sure don’t get lumps on that batter.
  5. Keep it in the stove top cook it 10 to 15 minutes on low flame.
  6. Keep stirring the batter until it gets thick and shiny.
  7. Then add ghee and cardamom powder mix it well.
  8.  Serve hot with ½tsp ghee.


  1. In other method you can use fried urad dhal 1/2 cup,Fried pasipparuppu 2tbsp and rice 1tsp.
  2. Instead of brown sugar you can jaggery.
  3. This is very special sweet for chettinad.
  4. Instead of grind the powder you can soak the roasted dhal and rice for 2 to 3 hours then grind with water and make it.
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