Butter Badusha(Indian Butter donut)

Serving: 12 to 15 pieces |Type: Sweets


Maida Or All propose flour -1 ½ cup
 Butter -4tbsp
Baking soda -¼tsp
Salt -pinch
Water -for knead
Oil -for frying


Sugar -1 to 1 ½  cup
WaterSaffron,Elaichi -¾ cup-Pinch


  1. Take a broad vessel add butter and baking soda mix together like cream about 10 to 12 minutes.
  2. Now add maida and salt with cream mix it like crumbles.
  3. Now add water knead like soft chappati dough. (it should be very soft not hard)
  4. Rest it for the dough about 20 to 30 minutes with wet cloth.
  5. Take a lemon size ball and flatten it then make a small dip in the center with your thump.
  6. Shape all badushas like that and keep it aside.
  7. Take a  pan heat with oil.
  8. Oil should be very low heat .
  9. Add 4 prepared badushas and fry it on low flame, don’t stir the badusha , if its cooked badusha will come up then turn it.
  10. Do It again on all badushas.
  11. Meanwhile take another pan add sugar and water make the syrup.
  12. Sugar syrup should be before one string consistency.
  13. If you test with your finger it will stick add saffron mix well.
  14. Then turn off the stove. Let it cool for 5 minutes.
  15. Then soak the fried badusha for 5 minutes or until it absorb sugar syrup.
  16. Meanwhile sugar syrup get very thick add ¼ cup of water and boil it then soak the badusha.
  17. Then take from the syrup and let it dry for 10 to15 minutes.
  18. Again do the process for second coating cook for thick syrup. If you want more sweet.
  19. If you like you can decorate on top of the badusha with nuts are raisins.


  1. While frying the badusha its melting in the oil means water is not enough for kneading the dough.
  2. Instead of butter you can add pure ghee(clarified butter).




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