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Carrot Pickle With Lemon

Serving:3 |Type: Veg Ingredients: Carrot -3 Green Chili -2 Lemon Juice -1tbsp Salt -to taste Coriander Leaves -1tbsp Oil -1tsp Mustard -½tsp Asafotida -pinch   Method: Peel the skin ,wash and cut the carrot very small and thin, dice the green chili. Mix the lemon juice , salt and coriander leaves with carrot. Take a […]

Chili Dhaniya Powder (Red Chili And coriander Seed Powder)

Ingredients: Red Chili -1 cup Coriander Seeds -2 cups    Method: Dry roast both grind it in the blender. Keep it in the air tight container. You can use it this powder for pulikkazhambu, any vegetable fry and thirakkal. Note: You can do it like bulk ,red chili -1 kg and dhaniya seeds -2 kg […]

Sambar Powder -small quantity

Ingredients: Red Chili -1 ½ cup Coriander Seeds -1 cup Thoor Dhal -¼ cup Channa Dhal -¼ cup Black Pepper -1 ½tbsp Fenugreek Seeds -2tsp Dry Coconut Powder -3tbsp(optional) Curry Leaves -2tbsp(dry) Turmeric Powder -1tbsp   Method: Fry all the ingredients separately without oil like light brownish. Fry red chili with oil. All together put […]

Rasa podi(Rasam Powder)

  Ingredients:   Red Chili -1 cup Coriander Seeds -¾ cup Whole Pepper -¼ cup Cumin -less than ¼ cup Thoor Dhal -¼ cup Dry curry Leaves -½ cup Turmeric Powder -2tsp full   Method: Grind everything  like raw. You can use this powder for rasam.

Curry Podi (Curry Powder)

Ingredients: Red Chili -2 cups Coriander Seeds -1 ½ cups Channa Dhal -1 cup Urad Dhal -½cup Asafotida -6 pieces(small size) Dry Grated Coconut -½ cup Curry Leaves -1 cup Salt -2tbsp Tamarind -1(lemon size)   Method: Take a pan heat with oil and fry red chili without burning, keep it aside. Then add some […]

Idly Milakai Podi(Chutney Powder)

Ingredients: Red Chili -1 cup Urad Dhal -1 ½ cup Asafotida -2 small pieces Curry Leaves -½ cup Salt -to taste Oil -2tsp   Method: Take a pan dry roast salt first and keep it aside. Then add oil to the same pan and fry red chili without burning keep it aside. Next in the […]