Mooli Paratha(Mullangi Paratha)


Serving: 2 |Type: Roti



Wheat Flour -1 ½ cups
Mooli(Radish)shredded -1cup
Chili Powder -1tsp
Cumin -1tsp
Turmeric -½tsp
Salt -to taste
Oil -1tsp
Water -as required



  1. Shred the radish, then add all the dry ingredients and oil first and mix well,
  2. Now add radish again mix well.
  3. Mix well then add little by little water and make like a stiff dough .
  4. And rest it for 1 hour and make like chappati.
  5. Then heat the tawa and cook the chappati both sides with apply little oil.
  6. Then serve with any side dish.


  1. While shred the radish do not squeeze out the water.




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