Therattu Pal Method 2 (with Karuppati)


Serving: 1cup | Type: Sweet/ Pillayar Nombu



Milk -5cups
Karuppati (powdered) ¾ to 1 cup
Curd -2tbsp
Cardamom powder -½tsp



  1.  Take a heavy bottom vessel add milk boil it until milk gets thicken.
  2. Keep stirring it otherwise milk will burn in to the bottom.
  3. Add karuppati mix well and stir it continuously.
  4. Let see it will curdle, if not add curd and mix well.
  5. Cook it until like dough, then mix cardamom powder.
  6. Mix well then turn off the stove.
  7. Store it and serve it.


  1. If you don’t find karuppati you can use Jaggery (Vellam).
  2. Karuppati is known as Palm Jaggery.


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