Thiruvathirai | Thalagam | 7-Kari -Kuzhambu/ 7 Curry Kootu


Serving: 4 to 6 | Type: Kuzhambu | speciality



All Vegetables like your wish -4 to 6 cups
Tamarind -medium lemon size
Turmeric -¼ tsp
Brown sugar -1tsp
Salt -to taste
Boiled chana and peanut -½ cup (optional)


Dry Roast and Powder:1


Raw Rice -1tbsp
Sesame seeds -1tbsp


Roast and powder: 2


Oil -1 tbsp
Red Chili -8 to 10
Coriander Seeds -2 ½ tbsp
Channa,Tur, Dhal -1 tbsp each
Fenugreek Seeds -10


Grind with Water:


Grated Coconut -3tbsp
Ground masala powder -½ of that powder (Number -2)




Coconut Oil -2 tbsp
Mustard seeds -1tsp
Red chili -2
Asefotida -¼ tsp
Grated Coconut -2tbsp
Curry Leaves -Few




  1. Wash and cut the vegetables to medium size. ( Vegetables like : Kathirikkai, Parangikai,  Carrot, Vazhakkai, Avarakkai, Sweet Potato, Murungakkai, Mochai)
  2. Boil with salt, turmeric and tamarind pulp until it is cooked half-way.
  3. In meantime, make Powder 1:
    1. Take a pan and dry roast the ingredients for Powder 1, grind it in a mixie into a fine powder and keep it aside.
  4. Next make Powder 2:
    1. Heat a pan with oil, roast the ingredients for Powder 2 until it gets toasted.
    2. Then powder it in a mixie and divide into two proportion and keep it aside.
  5. Take one portion of the Powder 2, add coconut and little water and grind it into a paste and keep it aside.
  6. Next take a pan heat with coconut oil, add seasonings (but add the coconut at the very end) fry without burning and keep it aside.
  7. After the vegetable have cooked half-way through, add grounded coconut paste into it and cook it for a few minutes.
  8. Then add remaining of Powder 2 and mix it well.
  9. Next add the add boiled chana and peanut to the half-cooked vegetables.(optional)
  10. Now add brown sugar, mix well and cook it for 1 more minute.
  11. Then add the grounded Powder 1, mix well to avoid any lumps, and cook it for few minutes.
  12. Finally after the vegetable have completely cooked, add the seasoning and mix well.
  13. Turn off the stove and serve hot.
  14. Serve with white rice.
  15. Go well with Thiruvathirai Kali.b-1


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