Asparagus Spinach Scrambled Egg

Serving :2 | Type: Non Veg- Poriyal


Egg(beaten) -2
Asparagus(finely chopped) -6
Spinach(finely Chopped) -Hand full
Milk -2tbsp
Pepper Cumin Powder -½tsp
Salt -to taste
Oil -1tbsp
Lemon juice -2 drops



  1. In a bowl beat eggs with milk and pepper cumin powder.
  2. Take a pan heat with oil add asparagus sauté for a minute with little salt.
  3. Then add chopped spinach sauté until all water will dried up then add beaten egg.
  4. Add milk mix well cook it until all vegetables get coated with egg.
  5. Keep mixing it gently until the eggs become scrambled.
  6. Don’t overcook the eggs , as the eggs will become  tough.
  7. Remove it from heat then add lemon juice before serving.

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