Avarakkai Ilan Kuzhambu (Thanni Kuzhambu)

Serving: 4 |Type: Chettinadu Kuzhambu


Avarakkai -15 to 20
Cooked Thoor Dhal -3tbsp
Sambar Onion(Cut) -10
Tomato(cut) -1
Garlic(Smashed) -2
Green Chili -2(slit)
Chili Powder -1tsp
Dhaniya Powder -2tsp
Tamarind Pulp -2 or 3tbsp
Turmeric -pinch
Salt -to taste
Coriander Leaves -few



Oil -1tbsp
Mustard -1tsp
Urad Dhal -1tsp
Red Chili -1
Asafotida -pinch
Curry Leaves -few
Garlic Smashed -1



  1. Cut the avarakkai into length wise.
  2. Take a cooker add all the ingredients except cooked dhal and coriander leaves.
  3. Add 3 cups of water, then close the lid.
  4. Let 2 to 3 whistle comes then turn off the stove.
  5. Let the cooker cool down then open it.
  6. Now add mashed dhal and cook it for few minutes.
  7. Take a another pan heat with oil add seasonings fry without burning.
  8. Add it into the kuzhambu ,add coriander leaves.
  9. Serve with white rice.
  10. This kuzhambu is chettinadu special.
  11. This kuzhambu should be like rasam, It has to be thin.


  1. You can make this kuzhambu with beans, drumstick.
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